Our Story

Making life a little sweeter since 1974.

It all started at a San Francisco cafe in 1974. We introduced our premium line of delicious, hand-crafted desserts, and the great taste traveled fast. Before we knew it, Just Desserts became a household name, with retailers carrying our products nationwide.

Today, we're proud to introduce our first line of premium organic products. Just like all of our other desserts, they're hand-crafted and scratch-baked using the same tradition of baking we pioneered in San Francisco over 40 years ago.

Mixing Ingrdients


What does this mean?

Food allergy is a serious medical condition affecting up to 15 million people in the United States, including 1 in 13 school age children. Just Desserts elected to become a tree nut-free and a peanut-free bakery on June 1st 2017. What that means is we make no products with nuts, we have no nuts in our facility, and nuts are not used on any of the equipment we use to process, bake, and package our products. Furthermore, we do not even have any products in our employee vending machines that have nuts. In addition to following good manufacturing and employee handwashing practices, our employees are required to wear gloves when touching product.

We advise our suppliers of raw material that we are a nut free facility, and we require our suppliers that have nuts in their facility not to process nuts on equipment that produces our product. Finally, we swab our equipment for the detection of allergens or nuts in order to confirm that no nut residue is detected on our equipment.

We strictly enforce the prohibition of any nuts into our facility, and we work diligently to mitigate risk of nut contamination in our products from raw materials sourced from our vendors.

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