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Plant-based foods are not just for vegetarians or vegans anymore; now mainstream consumers are enjoying these delicious and innovative options in the market today

Just Desserts is expanding our offering of premium Vegan products. Just Desserts is meeting the challenge of producing premium quality, delicious Vegan baked goods by using a combination of nut free premium plant based ingredients, featuring a rich, silky soy milk base that unlike other plant based proteins, contains all nine essential amino acids. Just Desserts Vegan line-up includes Cakes, Cupcakes and now Vegan Cake Minis — perfect for a great portion control treat! We are excited to satisfy the rapidly growing appetite for vegan products that never compromises on delivering great taste! Look for these products at your local supermarket bakery case, or ask for us by name.

Vegan Chocolate Midnight Cake Photo


Just Desserts offers two premium 6" cakes: Vegan Midnight Chocolate Cake, and new on the market, our Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Bundt Cake. Made from scratch and hand crafted, these cakes offer a special dessert for any occasion.

Organic and Vegan Midnight Chocolate Cupcake Photo

Vegan Cupcakes and SINGLE Serve Cakes

Just Desserts offers two great vegan single serve options: our best-selling Vegan Midnight Chocolate Cupcake and our new Vegan Black and White cupcake. The new Vegan Black and White cupcake features a rich Vanilla cake base topped with a decadent chocolate mousse icing. We also offer our Midnight Chocolate Enrobed cake in a convenient single serve portion.